Cobus is a black soldier fly mass rearing technologist and innovator who is obsessed with developing a modular BSF production system that will be profitable at a 30tpd scale and rapidly deploy-able to any place in the world where insect bioconversion is needed.  He previously worked as Chief Technology Officer at AgriProtein and founded Nutrisek in 2021 to make this dream a reality. 

Cobus Kotze

Elsje has been involved in the insect industry for more than 30 years. She has experience in production and feed formulation for mass reared insects. She also does technology development and processing of insects for feed and food as well as the associated product development.

Technical and advisory
Elsje Pieterse
(PhD)(PrSciNat AnimSci)

Lowell is an entrepreneur with over 12 years experience in the insect industry, ranging from research into the use of insects to control invasive alien plants through to the mass production of insects for use as livestock feed. He is the Founder and CEO of Nambu Group, an Eastern Cape based BSF producer.

Stakeholder engagement
Lowell Scarr


Dean Smorrenburg

Serita is a Small Business Consultant with credentials from the Business School of the North West University. She has successfully managed her own business for 12 years with an extensive background in a variety of administrative duties. She is detail-orientated with proven organizational skills. Serita has experience in the industry and are passionate to be part of the mass insect rearing organization.

Serita Swart